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Alarm Mine

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Alarm Mine

Product Information

Alarm Mine   Ref: 6395
Trip wire product which can be placed on a garden wall, garage, window, fence, door even to secure motor cycles and cars. Simple to use, just run the nylon wire across wall or around a wheel then place a blank cartridge in the slot and its done. If the object is moved or someone walks though the wire it will activate a very loud boom.

1. Attach the Alarm Mine in a vertical position to a convenient tree, fence post or door frame. The cocking piece should
be positioned upwards.
2. Pull the cocking piece to the limit of travel and insert the safety pin through ‘Hole A’.
3. Pull the cocking piece again until the ‘Sear Engagement Slot B’ is visible and insert the sear.
4. Attach the loose end of the trip wire to a firm object so that the wire is stretched across the path that an intruder
may take.
5. Place the 12g blank into the slot at the end of the alarm mine.
6. Gently pull the string attached to the safety pin to remove it fom the alarm mine.
7. The alarm mine is now armed and the slightest pressure on the trip wire will release the striker and fire the blank
causing a loud bang.

1 x Alarm Mine unit 1 x Trip Wire (3 metres / 10 feet) 1 x Safety Pin with release 2 x Wood Screws 1 x Instruction Sheet


In stock

Price: 18.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Alarm Mine Blank Cartridges for Alarm Mine pk12

Product Information

Alarm Mine Blank Cartridges for Alarm Mine pk12   Ref: 45454555
Pack of 12 cartridges for Alarm mine
In stock

Price: 5.99 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


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